Friday, December 30, 2011


Now that we are coming into the new year i want to announce that we are now starting 1/2 day STURGEON trips to the south bay, the herring have arrived and also have the sturgeon in the waters off hunters point.
The cost for this trip is $130.00 per person, we will be starting these trips on January 5th and continuing them through the end of march. If you are interested call me at 415 828 5760.
Picture below is what happens when you hook into a monster.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This was last friday, a beautifull but cold day on sf bay.
Not much happening around the bay last week but things will change from next Monday on, we will have big tides and that will start the sturgeon to feed, i have trips all next week available for sturgeon and bass.
east of the pump house will be a good bet and also over at china camp on the outgoing tide, mud shrimp will be the bait of choice with salmon roe as a good second bet.
I have a shark trip on Saturday in the south bay and will report on our endeavors Saturday evening.
That's all for now.
Captain Sean.

Monday, December 12, 2011


What do you think, could you handle this??? if you look closely you can see the second one behind the one in the front. CATCH OF A LIFETIME. Congrats EDD on your first 7 gill shark,

sturgeon report

Well Saturday was very interesting, we started out at sonoma creek, the water color wasn't what i expected it was green, we fished the incoming tide without any luck, There were a few crabs around and a couple of sand sharks but no sturgeon,
We moved over to the west side of San Pablo bay, there were a couple of boats fishing near the pump house but we didn't see any nets being dipped. We did have a couple of pumps but couldn't connect, we finished up at china camp and did have a suicide take down, we had the fish on for a little while but it came unbuttoned.
It was a good day of fishing and we had great weather but we came back to port with empty fish boxes, oh well, that's fishing. We will get them next time.
 I have room this coming weekend if you want to get away from Christmas shopping with the girlfriend or boyfriend .CAPTAIN SEAN.
415 828 5760

Friday, December 9, 2011


Tomorrow i have two (STURGEON VIRGINS) on board and i still have one spot open for the sturgeon trip tomorrow SATURDAY 10 DECEMBER, the cost is $165.00, there are great tides and great fishing has been reported in the north bay, i will start at my favorite spot near sonoma creek at the end of the incoming tide, then move over to cregadoor later in the day, i will probably finish the day at china camp.
I have a fresh supply of MUD SHRIMP!!!!
Check back tomorrow evening for the report, fingers crossed we will get a few STURGEON.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

San Pablo bay

Well the sturgeon fishing is wide open in San Pablo bay right now, my friend fireman Steve balistri went to the north bay today, east of the pump house, he was rewarded with 2 sturgeon 1was 52inch and the other was 65 inch hog, he also had a shaker, best bait was mud shrimp. The weather over the next few days calls for little wind so get out there before the next weather front comes in on Monday.
This early in the season, it is great that there are so many fish in the system, with all the rain that we should get over the next few months means that more and more fish should be showing up, I think that it will be an epic year for the diamond backs.
Don't forget to practice catch and release, this helps preserve the species for future fisherman also the slot limit is 46inches to 66inches anything under or over these measurements have to be released.
Captain Sean.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Don't forget the 6th annual flash sturgeon derby held in Martinez on the 27th January 2012, this is the biggest sturgeon catch and release derby in California. Steve Talmage of FLASH SPORT FISHING has been running this for 6 years now and it has grown into a fantastic day out, all are welcome including children, he has a special category for under 16;s.
I have had the pleasure of participating in his derby for the past 2 years and i have enjoyed it immensely.
When you catch a fish call one of the weigh masters and they will come to your location and witness the hook removal and measurement of the fish, then you will be put into a draw at the end of the day for what has grown into thousands of dollars in prize money and some fantastic prizes like CUSTOM RODS AND REELS, FISHING TACKLE, GIFT VOUCHERS, CASH, and much much more.
You can enter by calling MARTINEZ MARINA, OR BAIT SHOP.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I have 1 spot open for DEC 10 if you want to use up your STURGEON tags before they expire, call me and book your trip now before the spot is gone,

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today i had a half day shark trip, we started over at the oakland airport because i wanted to look for any sign of sturgeon in the area, there was a lot of herring marking on the bottom so it wont be long before they are spawing, there was no sign of any sturgeon but we did put in a nice big leopard shark.
I moved over to the honey hole  in the middle, about 55ft of water, lots of bait in that area, we stayed there for the rest of the morning on the outgoing tide, we put in 4 more nice leopards with a couple of 7 gills in the mix, the best bait was MUDSUCKERS.
I am back on the water on tuesday, check back tuesday evening for a report.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The sturgeon fishing in San Pablo bay is heating up with loads of  diamond backs caught on Sunday and Monday near the pump house, The best bait is MUD SHRIMP they seem to be feeding on these at the moment, but that could change .The fish that i had on Saturday were plugged with small clams, i will try and get some clams to use on my next trip, as the saying goes (MATCH THE HATCH). I have managed to get a supplier of mud shrimp for the winter. No need to trek to San Rafael and pay the $5.00 toll coming back. I will be back on the water on Saturday after the wind is gone, I have a couple of spaces still open if you are interested.
that's all for now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have room on sunday for 2 people its a SHARK fishing trip, it will be a half day from 7am to 12pm.
$120.00 per person.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday 3rd December

Hi I just had a cancelation for this saturday, i am available for SHARK or STURGEON trips.
Call me at 415 828 5760.

sturgeon/bass trip

I am now booking STURGEON trips for December, if you would like to get a MONSTER FISH, book now before all the spaces are gone, December 10 is the first trip, I have room for 1 more person.
call me at 415 828 5760.

If you would like to get someone a cool Christmas gift I am now selling fishing vouchers, $120.00 or $180.00  are available, they make a great present.
Captain Sean.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well it was just as i predicted, we started out at sonoma creek on the incoming tide, the water looked great, brown and muddy, i had two STURGEON VIRGINS on board, Damian hooked into a fish in the first hour, after about 20 minutes we got the fish to the boat a nice 52inch STURGEON.
The wind came up so we moved to kregadoor, there Brandon hooked into what i thought was a big STURGEON, it turned out to be a large leopard shark.
We moved to another spot that held STURGEON in the past, there Brandon hooked into his first STURGEON but it came unbuttoned, then i gave the 15min or limit speach, Brandon didnt dissapoint, he hooked into another STURGEON, it wrapped itself around the line , so i pulled the anchor and driffted with the current so we could land the fish, finaly we were able to get it in the net a 51inch beauty.
Captain SEAN.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I was able to locate a supply of mud shrimp for tomorrows STURGEON trip.
i will have on board Brandon Tierney from the radio station 95.7 sport talk , this will be the second time that he will have fished with me this month, fingers crossed the STURGEON will chomp.
check back tomorrow evening for a fishing report.
captain SEAN

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

shark trip

Today was a better day on the water, i wanted to fish the southbay but the wind didnt let us so we went to YELLOW BLUFF instead, we had a nice 7gill shark that we released, the wind came up there so we moved over to the san francisco side near crissy field where we had a couple of LEOPARD SHARKS, we kept 1 for the table and released the other .
Congrats to BEVEN  from utah for catching his first SHARK, picture is below.
I am off tomorrow and friday, back on the water on saturday for STURGEON.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tuesday 22 november

Well what can i say about today's trip, one word, awful. the weather was from the south and the fish did close their mouth. nothing, not even a bite, started in the south bay for leopard sharks, couldnt sit their so i moved up to the main bay, the weather was a little nicer there so we fished the outgoing tide until 12.10pm .
nothing to show for our efforts.
Back on the water tomorrow with a lady and 7 year old son from Utah, i hope that the weather is better and the fish bite.
thats all for now.
captain sean

Monday, November 21, 2011


Winter is upon us and it is time to start hunting for the elusive 'STURGEON'. san pablo bay is the place to be over the next week or so with the minus tides and the rain that we are getting this week it should produce a few sturgeon, i have a STURGEON trip on saturday so i will let you know how that goes. Here are a few pics of sturgeon that we had on our last three STURGEON outings.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday 19th november

We went to the south bay on Saturday lookin for bass and sturgeon, we started at hunters point on the out going tide, had a few smothhound sharks, we had 1egitimate pump but didn't come back, we then moved out to the deep water in 57ft of water, leopard after leopard after leopard, we finished. The day with 32 leopard sharks and 1 7gill.
We need more rain, that will make the sturgeon chomp, I have a sturgeon trip on the Saturday after thanksgiving the tides are very big that week so I think they should chomp,
That's all for now.
Captain Sean.

Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/11 halibut and bass

the halibut counts are getting smaller as the bigger tides start this week, on Sunday we had 1 halibut at 28lb we fished the rock wall,
we also had 10 very large leopard sharks, we kept 3 males for my clients from Sunnyvale.
The tides are getting better for sturgeon starting on Wednesday this week Thur Sunday, we have room on Thursday and Friday, i have a kids trip on Sunday for leopard sharks in the south bay.
captain Sean.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SF Bay Monsters Caught!

07-23-2011  Today was a banner day for Monsters in the Bay!  Check out these HUGE Soupfin Sharks, the largest of which was an estimated 300 lbs.  This is Ed Thomas from San Francisco, it was his first shark fishing trip with SF Bay Sport Fishing on the MiniMe.  What a fish! Congrats Ed.